Pace and Space Returns September 5 With 2019 Season Previews!

Hey there Smart NBA Fans, your intrepid writer here…

First off, thank you to everyone—over 20,000 of you—who have dropped by since the WordPress relaunch last fall to read and enjoy what I’ve had to say about the Association. This is my passion project and has been since 2015 on the old webhost (sadly, a lot of that content’s been lost to the whims of Internet history, one reason I’m on WordPress now.)

And for those of you who have taken a look at the homepage and periodically wondered where I’ve wandered off to, well, yeah, maybe Summer Reading wasn’t quite as regularly-scheduled as I’d intended when I took on the project, thanks to schedule slip, a general lack of worthwhile stories that haven’t been done to death on other sites, and just plain me wanting a couple of months of relative quiet after a constant content schedule all season and through the playoffs last year.

Anyway, I haven’t disappeared; just like last year, season previews will run through September and October, right up to the start of the season, with one preview per weekday for all 30 NBA teams.

Last year, I organized them by division, and that’s going to continue this year; the plan is to go from Atlantic to Pacific, one division per week, from worst to best 2017-18 regular season records (so starting with the Nets and ending with the Warriors.)

And like last year, I’ll be cribbing from the Mythbusters format I shamelessly ripped off for the “Is He Any Good” player-evaluation series, calling teams “Busted”, “Plausible”, or “Confirmed”.

But enough jabbering on. Point is, come on back on September 5 and let’s get ready for the best day of the year both for fans of basketball and people who hate hot weather, as the best winter sport in the world tips off the season in October.