NBA Breakfast Special: The Andrew Wiggins Experience

by Fox Doucette

Three games on the docket on NBA Sunday, and Andrew Wiggins owned the day; his second career buzzer-beater pulled the game out of the fire for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Perhaps more importantly, it kept things from turning into new season, same old Timberwolves blown double-digit lead taste.

Minnesota led by 13 going into the fourth quarter, led by two in the dying seconds of the ballgame, and then…well, this happened:

While we’re on the subject of Wiggins…

Whatever else we’re going to say about Andrew Wiggins for the rest of the season, dude gives good counting stat.

Are the Nets Good Or Are the Hawks That Bad?

The more I think about it, the more “any team with DeMarre Carroll and Allen Crabbe can’t be as bad as all that” starts to sound as plausible as I said it would be in the season preview for that team—before Jeremy Lin went down, yes, but notwithstanding their complete defensive meltdown against the Pacers, these guys bear more than a passing resemblance to an actual NBA basketball team again.

Carroll was 4-of-7 for 17 points, a stunning bit of efficiency from a guy not known for it. Caris LeVert is looking more and more like he was worth trading Thaddeus Young for, as he scored 16 on 5-of-9 from the field. Crabbe had 20 off the bench to lead all scorers, and he did it while shooting 7-of-12.

Overall, the team made their shots, forced their way to the line, and flat-out smacked the Hawks 116-104; the club’s .471/.393/.676 slash line was a few made charity tosses away from a genuine rout.

To wit, the whistle-happy refs blew 54 fouls and gave the teams a combined 70 free throw attempts. Atlanta was 33-of-36 from the line to paper over a .340/.259 effort from the field and from three.

So yes. It was a sloppy game. But Brooklyn won ugly.

Oh, and if all it took to turn D’Angelo Russell into a quality player was to get him off the Lakers, someone please alert Lonzo Ball.

Dollar Store Russell Westbrook

Lonzo Ball had 8 points, 13 assists, and 8 rebounds in a loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, as the Lakers dropped the contest 119-112 at home.

Now besides the fact that this means all six teams involved in the three games Sunday got over 100 points, harboring the dawn of a new Golden Age for scoring in the NBA (unless you’re the Spurs and you’re grinding out 87-77 throwback horror shows in Chicago on a Saturday night), this also means the Lakers…well, probably suck. Because New Orleans is not good. They’re twin towers and not a damn thing else, and that hasn’t worked in the NBA since LeBron James was still in high school.

Along the same lines, LA has no interior defense whatsodamnever. New Orleans struggled from the perimeter, knocking down only 10 of 32 three-point attempts for a weak 31.3 percent outing.

The Pellies just made 37-of-51 from two-point range is all. 72.5 percent. And sure, three is more than two, but that’s faint comfort if you could take all your shots from three, hit 48 percent of them, and still not be as efficient as New Orleans was on the inside Sunday.

Boogie and the Brow were 2-of-11 from three…and 15-of-24 (62.5 percent) from two. That’s right…the Pelicans’ astonishing two-point accuracy wasn’t even powered by the big guys. The rest of the team was 22-of-27 (81.5 percent) on two-balls.

Or, if numbers aren’t your thing, just watch the pretty moving pictures:

I mean, do the Lakers have any idea—and I mean any faint idea at all—how to guard against drives to the hoop?

If you’re going to passively watch an NBA game, buy a ticket.


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