NBA Breakfast Special: New Orleans Boogie

The New Orleans Pelicans have never quite figured out how to use Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins together. A twin-towers big man lineup just doesn’t work in today’s NBA no matter how much Boogie might want us all to believe he’s a stretch 5.

But by himself, and against his old team in Sacramento? How’s 41 points, 23 rebounds, and six assists sound? He was the focal point, and being focused propelled the Pellies to the win, 114-106, on national television.

His “l’etat, c’est moi” game on TNT came against a caring-and-sharing Kings squad that saw seven players in double figures but nobody with more than the 14 that De’Aaron Fox scored off the bench. Quelle horreur.

Charles Barkley says what too many people still instantly think of when they think of Boogie:

Kyrie Goes Bananas

Kyrie Irving has struggled mightily for the Celtics early on, looking for and never finding his shot.

But apparently Giannis Antetokounmpo, as good as he is, has one critical weakness in Milwaukee; the guy can’t handle quicks:

Not that Malcolm Brogdon did any better:

Irving, playing on a 50-year-old floor, complained about the old…wait, this just in…

Milwaukee trolled Kyrie hard. But not as hard as…

The Celtics won 96-89.

The Worst of the Worst

When Atlanta plays Chicago, wonderful things happen.

As in, I wonder how teams can be this bad.

The Bulls put up a .360/.219/.759 slash line, scored 91 points, and won…in part because they had 62 rebounds.

The only way you get 62 rebounds is if nobody can make a shot. Five Bulls had at least eight boards, and the team had 18 offensive caroms. Lauri Markkanen makes his case:

Revenge Game

Memphis got clowned by Dallas on Wednesday, but with both teams on a back-to-back, and against each other, the power of home-and-home vengeance was in evidence.

It was an ugly game, ending 96-91, behind Marc Gasol’s 25, Mike Conley’s 22, and Tyreke Evans’s 19. The rest of the team scored 30.

The Memphis Big Three shot 20-of-41. The rest of the team? 10-of-32.

Highlights, such as it was?

It Still Takes Everything

The Clippers went to Portland and stayed undefeated. We’re four games in. There are 30 teams. Only two of them are still without a loss. Even a flipped coin will come up heads four times in a row one time in 16, and we’ve got 2 in 30. So the cruel vagaries of chance have left us with the Clips and Spurs.

Meanwhile, Blake Griffin is Blake Griffin and was therefore the man of the match:

How do only two games in five in 2017’s NBA end up going over a hundred points?

Oh, and #TheLobTheJam lives:

And Finally…

Thanks to the glory of Twitter, it’s Shaqtin’ a Fool! Simulcast every Friday:

It’s gotta be Steph. That’s just weak sauce on the curry from the chef.

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