Indiana Pacers: By the Numbers Through 16 Games

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, and before we all head out on congested roads for plywood turkey, salmonella stuffing, that uncle that nobody can stand any of the other 364 days of the year, and riots masquerading as commerce on Black Friday, let us take a moment to examine whether the Indiana Pacers, at 10-6 following a win Monday over the Memphis Grizzlies, are overwhelming, underwhelming, or merely whelming statistically.

Pardon my lack of my normal erudition in this space; I work back office for a retailer and it’s been my job to make sure the point of sale system doesn’t melt into a puddle of pricing and inventory errors when a throng of Seattleites descends on our stores on that aforementioned time of rioting. A numbers dump is the best you’re going to get from me tonight.

The Record Problem

Pacers’ record against teams under .500: 8-4.
Pacers’ record against teams over .500: 2-2. (the Nets just climbed back to 9-8.)

Who’s Better, Who’s Worse?

WS/48 among Pacers who were on the team last year (2018-19/2019-20 stats respectively:)
Domantas Sabonis: .197/.183
Myles Turner: .144/.126
Aaron Holiday: .065/.108
Edmond Sumner: .020/.136
Doug McDermott: .103/.075
T.J. Leaf: .148/.138
Alize Johnson: .027/.192 (!)

Records When Playing

Considering all the Pacers’ injuries (only Justin Holiday, McDermott, and T.J. Warren have played in all 16 games), this is surprisingly relevant…

Sabonis: 9-5
Jeremy Lamb: 5-2
Turner: 4-4 (they’re 6-2 without him!)
Malcolm Brogdon: 8-5
A. Holiday: 10-4
Sumner: 0-3 (!)
JaKarr Sampson: 6-3
T.J. McConnell: 9-5
Goga Bitadze: 7-4
Naz Mitrou-Long: 2-1
Leaf: 8-6
Johnson: 5-1 (5-5 without him!)
Brian Bowen: 2-1

Who’s Actually Shooting 3s?

Players, ranked by 3PAR (minimum 100 minutes)
J. Holiday .651
McDermott .488
Turner .430 (!)
A. Holiday .422
Lamb .316
Brogdon .293
Sampson .244
Goga .224
Warren .202 (!!)
Leaf .196
Sabonis .083
McConnell .033

Who’s Shooting Long Twos?

Same 100-minute requirement, shots 16ft-arc, per Basketball Reference:
Brogdon .209
Goga .204
McConnell .154
Lamb .147
A. Holiday .141
Turner .114
Warren .112
Sabonis .102
McDermott .094
J. Holiday .092
League Average .081
Leaf .018
Sampson .000

Christ. Everyone on the team is shooting long twos at greater than league-average rates except Leaf and Sampson, and they’re not exactly marksmen from long range. Fire Nate McMillan. He’s a turkey.

Biggest Bright Sides

The Pacers rank:

9th in Defensive Rating
9th in Net Rating
6th in the East
7th in Lowest Turnover%
7th in % of FGA within 3ft
8th in FG%
9th in Offensive REB%
8th in Opponents’ eFG%
6th in Defensive REB% (!!!)
T-7th in Lowest Opponents’ FTR

Biggest Downsides

The Pacers rank…

3rd in % of shots from 10-16 ft
4th in % of shots from 16 ft out to the arc
29th in 3PAR (thank you Spurs)
26th in FG% within 3ft
29th in dunks (3.2% of overall FGA, ahead of only, you guessed it, the Spurs)
30th in FTR.
30th in Best Head Coach. Maybe 29th if Gregg Popovich really does have terminal Scott-Hollins Syndrome.

It’s been…interesting so far. And maybe after Black Friday, my brain will be able to make words again.

(see you Saturday for Achtung Panzer. Happy Thanksgiving!)