#FireNate! Pacers Twitter Vs. Nate McMillan

Following a 2-week delay in which I ended up in Twitter Jail AND had my Internet service go out (and it wasn’t just mine, the whole block I live on lost Comcast service before a tech could get out and fix the wiring outside my building), I’m back, and with the All-Star break on, I figure a lighthearted look at the revolt in Pacers fan circles against everyone’s favorite Dark Ages offense-loving, Scott-Hollins Syndrome-afflicted, fire that guy before Victor Oladipo pulls a Paul George and forces his way out of town, worst-in-the-NBA head coach is in order.

That’s right. It’s a compilation of the very best of #FireNate, via Pacers Twitter begging Nate McMillan to be fired.

The fact that the Pacers came a Giannis Antetokounmpo-less Milwaukee Bucks team away from a 7-game losing streak heading into the break has social media particularly frothy, and speaking of, congratulations Giannis, we all look forward to seeing your son grow up and terrorize the NBA just like his dear old dad in about 2040 or so. Should be just in time to inherit the new GOAT torch from his father.

Anyway, we begin with Pacers fans tired of Nate’s constant excuses in postgame press conferences after losses:

And, of course, a bit of venom thrown Kevin Pritchard‘s way for that stupid 4-year contract extension Nate got in 2018 when the Pacers could’ve had Mike Budenholzer or, like, literally anyone else patrolling the sideline:

It’s normally considered bad form for fans to “tank” for a coach’s firing, but when we’re all bracing ourselves for a 6 seed and an easy first-round out against the Celtics, Raptors, or Heat, another lost season where we spend May and June watching other teams duke it out for the chip? When it happens (not if, when), that’ll be 15 years since the last (and only!) time a McMillan-coached team won a playoff series, courtesy of the 2005 SuperSonics beating a Kings team that was well past its contending prime and a year away from making the playoffs for what is to date the last time in Sacramento franchise history.

To wit:

Speaking of friend-of-the-show ColtChamp18, who’s been a follower for almost as long as this site has existed, a bit of poetry in motion from last Friday:

Renowned Pacers scribe Caitlin Cooper, who is a better writer than I will ever be and who you should all follow, may not be using the hashtag but she’s driving the movement forward:

I’m in Twitter jail as I write this (don’t worry, folks, I’ll be back on social media in time for the games to resume), but before the robot decided it didn’t like me, I (with a little help from Kory Waldron) laid out the answer to everyone who asks me why I have #FireNate right in my Twitter handle:

Speaking of yours truly, no prizes for guessing who I’d rather see coaching the Pacers…

Poor Myles Turner…just imagine if his coach didn’t suck:

And it’s not just when the team’s losing six in a row, when you’d expect the boo birds to be out in force. Smart Pacers fans, like another longtime friend of the show (and speaking of Twitter jail, a guy who actually took the time to @ me wondering where on earth I’d gone this past week), were on this bandwagon not just in November but all along:

Back to Cooper again, it’s not just “fire Nate because we can’t win” (although that’s reason enough), it’s “fire Nate because he can’t coach a lick.” To wit:

But, of course, this entire article is crying in the rain, because the sycophantic media that has official access to the team will always defend the indefensible and have you believe that Nate is Phil Jackson in his prime crossed with Duncan-era Gregg Popovich. As another friend of the show points out with an A+ tweet…

#FireNate. Please. And may he never find another NBA job again unless it’s with the Suns because #SunsTrash is a whole ‘nother hashtag entirely.

Let the games (and the actual posting on this here site and on Twitter!) resume.