Breakfast Special: Three Warriors and a G-League Team

How many more games are the Golden State Warriors going to have where they get 20-plus from three guys but the rest of the team combined wouldn’t even be the second-leading scorer? They can’t keep winning those with a paper-thin bench, can they?

Golden State beat Houston 106-104 Wednesday night on national TV behind 30 points from Klay Thompson, 27 points from DeMarcus Cousins, 25 points from the rest of the team, and 24 points from Stephen Curry.

One Steph three more and the field wouldn’t have even cracked the top three. What are they even doing out there offensively?

Oh, and Kevin Durant was out.

This was another die-by-the-sword game for Houston; when they shoot under 30 percent from three, as they did Wednesday (26.8), and when they can’t grab a rebound to save their lives (they had 31 to the Warriors’ 44), the best they can hope for is ref help.

And sure, they hit 19-of-23 from the line, but Golden State hit all ten of theirs. Ballgame.

I love the nightlife, I love the Boogie, on the near-triple-double:

What the Blake Was That?!

Blake Griffin was minus-32 for the Detroit Pistons against the Miami Heat.

The worst Heat starter was plus-22, and that was Bam Adebayo in just 17 minutes.

Miami slaughtered Detroit 108-74 in a game in 2019 in which a team scored 74 points.

How do you analyze that? Well…Detroit sucked and Miami didn’t. Advanced stats right there.

Not only did Miami post a seven-guys-in-double-figures Total Team Effort, but at least nine (!) players had eight points or more.

The Heat won the third quarter 33-8.

And the Pistons…well, they’re helping to ensure that no matter how bad the Pacers get over these next eight games (and they might lose all eight of them), the 5 seed is the floor for all of the top five teams in the conference.

Highlights cooked on South Beach for breakfast:

We See You, John Collins

Say hello to the best frontcourt player Atlanta’s had since Dominique Wilkins, featured in the Hawks’ 132-111 smackdown at home of the Memphis Grizzlies.

John Collins had 27 points and 12 rebounds and the Hawks, who started the season 6-23, are 18-22 since, and while that does mean they’re a pretty wretched 24-45 overall, the genesis of a playoff team is there…not least of which factor being that 18-22 is 37-45 over a full season, and in the East that might just get you the 8 seed.

Trae Young was an ultra-efficient 8-of-12 in getting his 22 points, and he put up a plus-25 to go with Collins’ plus-28.

But speaking of guys who were lead machines, Kevin Huerter was plus-35. In 27 minutes. Y’know, plus-62 per 48 minutes, just as you do on an ordinary day.

And my gods, this alley-oop…

No prizes for guessing the man of the match, the New Human Highlight Film:

Lightning Round!

Oklahoma City absolutely wrecked the nets on their home floor.

They also wrecked the Nets, as in Brooklyn, by a 108-96 count.

Russell Westbrook led the way with 31 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists, while Paul George added 25 points of his own and the Nets couldn’t hit a two-point shot to save their lives (22-of-49, 44.9 percent.)

Thunder up to Westbrook’s 40th career 30-point triple-double:

The Orlando Magic are 31-38 after losing 100-90 to the Washington Wizards on the road.

That’s just one game better than the Lakers.

But Orlando trails the 32-35 Heat by two games for the 8 seed in the East while LeBron and friends are all but eliminated in the West.

Bradley Beal had 23 to become the only Wiz starter in double figures, Thomas Bryant led three bench players in double figures with his 21 points (and 10 rebounds), and Jabari Parker was 9-of-12 (the same as Bryant) to get to 19 points on the night.

Put it all together and you’ve got a big W, and the salvation of the starting lineup is your man of the match:

And finally, Utah disposed of Phoenix in Arizona by a 114-97 count.

Donovan Mitchell had 26 points and a game-best plus-21 on 10-of-18 shooting, Rudy Gobert went wild on the boards, making Deandre Ayton his bitch in the process—Gobert had 18 points and 20 rebounds against Ayton’s two points and nine boards on 1-of-9 shooting—and the Jazz avoided the embarrassment of becoming another good team that lost to Phoenix. That would’ve been horrible.

But if the Suns beat the Bucks, and the Jazz beat the Suns, does that mean the Jazz will win the NBA Finals?

Gobert goes bear, and gets man of the match:

The Jazz have a campaign where “When the Jazz win, cancer loses.” Does that mean that if the Jazz lose, cancer wins? No pressure, guys, you’re just playing against goddamn cancer:

Feature later. Might be Is He Any Good like it’s supposed to be on Thursdays. Might be something I impulsively cooked up thanks to NBA Twitter. You’ll enjoy it either way, so follow @RealFoxD and find out the minute it goes live.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!