Breakfast Special: Ragnarok, NBA Style

Sunday was a terror show worthy of the kinds of movies that come out in October and then quickly disappear from theaters on All Saints’ Day.

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Denver Nuggets, the Houston Rockets fell short against the better-than-you-think Los Angeles Clippers, and the Oklahoma City Thunder got whacked at home by the Sacramento Kings.

Oh, and Atlanta beat Cleveland because the league said they had to play a game whether people wanted to watch it or not.

Let’s get to the highlights and then you all can skewer me on Twitter (@RealFoxD) for not doing these on Saturday and Sunday as well.

Nikola Jokic For MVP

Go ahead, tell me that a 35-point triple double where the only shot he missed was a free throw isn’t an MVP candidate, as Jokic did on Friday in the Nuggets’ win over Phoenix.

But to the game at hand, the Warriors shot 24.1 percent from three, and that was enough to open the window for the Nugs to climb through at home and win 100-98.

Jokic had 23 points and 11 rebounds. Gary Harris made anyone who tried to guard him look like Shaqtin’ a Fool, scoring 28 on 11-of-20 from the field. And even though Denver was otherwise atrocious shooting the ball (40.7/18.8/57.1 splits, including a horrific 24-of-42 from the free throw line), winning the turnover battle (18-8) and hauling in 13 offensive rebounds was enough to overcome some lousy offense.

Denver is 3-0. They didn’t even play well and still beat the freaking Golden State Warriors. Y’all better recognize. This team is for real.

Let’s just show highlights from Jokic on Friday because they’re worth watching on Monday.

Can We Seriously Talk About the Sacramento Kings’ Offense?

Sacramento has now scored 377 points total in three games. That’s 125.7 per contest. That is putting up bowling scores.

That is enough to go 1-2 because they’ve given up 392 points and couldn’t guard my dead grandmother.

But seriously, should we be putting these guys on League Pass Watch because they are playing the most electric, insane basketball in the universe right now?

They beat the Thunder 131-120, ruining Russell Westbrook‘s return despite Westbrook scoring 32, hauling in 12 boards, and dishing out 80 cents in dimes.

De’Aaron Fox had 22 points and a buck’s worth of assists, Iman Shumpert (!) had 26 points on 9-of-13 shooting, the Kings shot 54.9 percent and made 50 field goals (on 91 tries), and if it hadn’t been for the Thunder’s uncanny nose for the offensive glass (18 offensive boards as a team and eight by Steven Adams alone), this wouldn’t have even been as close as it was.

I’m so glad my namesake player looks like he’s adjusting well in his sophomore season. The Fantastic Mr. Fox is your man of the match:

Clip CP3’s Wings

Chris Paul found himself suspended after his little donnybrook with Rajon Rondo against the Lakers, and the Clippers were the fortunate beneficiaries of not having to face their old point guard.

Tobias Harris had 23 points on 9-of-15 shooting, Danilo Gallinari grabbed 20 on a less efficient 7-of-19, and Boban Marjanovic…played five minutes, scored four points, and continued to insert himself into the Small Sample Size Advanced Stats Hall of Fame.

Montrezl Harrell shot 8-of-10 off the bench, scoring 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in just 24 minutes.

The Clippers just flat-out controlled this one, as James Harden struggled to find his shot. If you score 31 points, but you need to shoot 9-of-26 from the field to do it, was it really a key performance?

The Rockets lost. You tell me.

Harris, the best player you’ve never heard of if your only exposure to the NBA is the national media who can’t name more than two players on non-headline teams, is your man of the match:

And Finally…

Trae Young‘s ceiling is Stephen Curry. (His floor is Emmanuel Mudiay. It’s that wide open in terms of outcome for him.)

And Young did something Steph-like, as in Curry was the last rookie to do it, way back in 2010.

Namely, he had a 35-point game with at least 10 assists (he had 11), and he did it in just his third game in the league as the Hawks got on the board at 1-2, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland by a 133-111 drubbing of a final score.

The Hawks made 22 three-pointers as a team (on 47 tries, against 26-of-51 on two-pointers) in the beatdown, but the big praise belongs to Young on this. He’s looking like something special when his shots are falling.

So what do you guys think? You want me working seven days a week to bring you these on the weekend? Blast me on Twitter @RealFoxD and let’s talk hoop! Thanks for reading!