Breakfast Special: Oladi-NOOOO!

I…think I’m going to be sick.

Pacers Twitter went from “we’re going to finish the job and thump Toronto this time” to “oh God the season is over, blow up the team, trade Boomer, start tanking” in as much time as it took Victor Oladipo to crumple to the court with a “serious knee injury”—Oladipo will have an MRI Thursday (and Pace and Space will have a feature about it, I’m not writing a word about the future of the team until we know exactly what’s going on.)

Indiana saw a lead steadily erode in the second half but got some late-game heroics and some stoic leadership from Thaddeus Young and held on to beat the Raptors 110-106.

Young had 23 points on 10-of-19 shooting to go with 15 rebounds, Myles Turner added a double-double of his own with 13 points and 10 boards, and Domantas Sabonis added 12 points off the bench in just 14 minutes despite being dogged by whistle-happy refs for five fouls.

Oh, and the Pacers committed just six turnovers.

The team endures. They went 7-4 without Oladipo earlier this season. Turner’s anchoring the defense.

Things will be fine…right?

Give Thad a mural on the building next door to the one they’ve got Reggie Miller on, because he’s the heart and soul of the team emotionally and the man of the match:

James Harden Is 2006 Kobe In: “Houston, We Have No Problem”

OK, fine, it was against the Knicks, and the Rockets only won by four points after trailing early.

But when James Harden takes all the shots (17-of-38 FG, 5-of-20 3PT, 22-of-25 FT), scores 61 points, puts an exclamation point on it with a killer slam, and leads his team to a 114-110 win over the Knicks…

…man, I don’t want to say MVP. That’s Stephen Curry in Golden State or LeBron James in Los Angeles.

How about the “2005-06 Kobe Bryant Best Season By A Guy On A Garbage Fire Team Award”?

Eric Gordon had 20. Kenneth Faried had 11. The Rockets only went eight men deep in this one as coach Mike D’Antoni is forced by injuries to shorten his bench like he’s coaching a college team in March.

And the Rockets are a garbage fire but won anyway, they’re 27-20, and nothing in this world makes sense.

Anyway, Harden’s man of the match. Duh. “Madison Square Harden”, the Rockets’ social media person called it.

Spida + Efficiency = Jazz Win

Donovan Mitchell is a guy who can shoot you out of a game, in that tier of “best player on the other team” that includes Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson.

Mitchell can also shoot you past even the best teams when he gets going, and 35 points on 12-of-25 counts as getting going, Mitchell’s stat line powering the Jazz to a 114-108 win over the Denver Nuggets.

Mitchell’s plus-21 was also a game-high.

Meanwhile, Derrick Favors just did the West a favor if he got Nikola Jokic suspended for leaving the bench area during an altercation with Mason Plumlee that got Favors (and Plumlee) ejected. In a tight West race, every game counts, but it’ll be up to the league office to decide what’s the what with that story. Favors had zero points in five minutes before getting sent off but managed a plus-8 during his time on the floor.

Give it up for the man of the match:

Lightning Round!

Good teams beat the crap out of bad teams at home.

The Celtics, now 30-18 and surging back toward the top quartile of the East playoff table, are a good team.

Cleveland is a bad team, and the game was in Boston.

The score was 123-103, led by Terry Rozier‘s 26 points and Jaylen Brown‘s 23.

Boston is happy to have the media forget about them. But we see you there, Celtics, and we see Scary Terry making man of the match:

D’Angelo Russell would like it to be known that he’s an All-Star, and scoring 25 points to lead the Brooklyn Nets to a 114-110 home win over the Orlando Magic made a statement in that direction Wednesday night.

Russell also added 10 assists and seven rebounds, Spencer Dinwiddie scored 29 off the bench, and the Nets overcame a 21-point, 14-rebound burst from Nikola Vucevic to grab the win.

Russell and Dinwiddie share the honors in the highlight reel:

The Clippers have been fighting for their lives in the crowded West playoff race, but going into Miami and spanking the Heat 111-99 is a step in the right direction.

Tobias Harris led Los Angeles with 31 points, the Clips dominated the turnover battle 14-7, and a lack of threes (just 7-of-22) was made up for by an abundance of twos (the Clips shot 45-of-85 overall.)

And HERO OF SERBIA was a DNP-CD again because the Clippers know not the meaning of Boban.

Harris, of course, is your man of the match:

Ben Simmons notched a triple-double, with 21 points on 0-of-0 from three-point land to go with 10 rebounds and 15 assists, Joel Embiid had 31 points and 19 rebounds, and the Philadelphia 76ers survived a 57.3 percent shooting night from the San Antonio Spurs to win 122-120.

The turnover (15-11) and three-point (17 makes for Philly, 13 for San Antonio) battles were key here, as was the 13 offensive rebounds the Sixers pulled down while also shooting 50.5 percent from the field.

Triple-doubles beat three-pointers in the highlight reel:

The Atlanta Hawks are building a young core, playing modern basketball, moving with a vision for the future that will pay off the way Kenny Atkinson’s coaching is paying off in Brooklyn.

The Chicago Bulls are…not.

And the Hawks beat the Bulls 121-101 in Chicago behind a monster 35-point game from John Collins.

Atlanta hit half of their shots (45-of-90) overall and 15-of-40 (37.5 percent) of their threes. That’s getting it done.

Man of the match? Take a wild guess.

The Grizzlies are a garbage fire. The Hornets are an enigma. And the Enigmas beat the Garbage Fires 118-107 in Memphis.

Charlotte got 22 out of Kemba Walker, had Tony Parker come up with 17 off the bench, and shredded the Memphis defense for 53.2 percent shooting in the win.

Mike Conley and Marc Gasol combined for 53 points. If they get traded, things are really going to get ugly on Beale Street.

Kemba keeps doing star things:

And finally, it’s not every day a team can hold New Orleans to 94 points, but that’s one way to win a sloppy game on the road.

Detroit did exactly that, the Pistons pulling off a 98-94 triumph in the Big Easy.

Blake Griffin won this one pretty much by himself, going bonkers for 37 points on 14-of-28 shooting to go with nine rebounds and seven assists.

Detroit also dragged this game down to a 96.6 pace, negating the Pelicans’ one strength, the ability to run teams off the floor with their high-speed offense.

Griffin’s your man of the match:

I’ll have my thoughts on the Oladipo situation when more is known about the prognosis and possibly after the Pacers say something to the media to let us know where we’re at.

Well, besides this gem from Kevin Pritchard:

Please respect the Pacers fanbase during this difficult time. And thanks for reading!