Breakfast Special: NBA All-Star Weekend Wrap-Up

Fergie brought America to its knees with her performance of the national anthem…

…but this is the one time each year where the analytics-minded Pace and Space reader and the barbershop-dwelling eye test guy can come together and agree on one thing:

Holy hell, is basketball ever a ton of fun.

Team LeBron beat Team Curry 148-145, a low-scoring game by All-Star standards, as LeBron James scored 29 points, grabbed ten rebounds, dished eight assists, and watched Stephen Curry play Dark Ages hero ball, failing to find an open Klay Thompson and instead handing the game to his opponent in the dying seconds:

Seriously, Steph, what was that even?

Speaking of Warriors All-Stars, how about Kevin Durant?

Joel Embiid had 19 points and eight boards…

Damian Lillard did Rip City proud…

There was plenty of Shaqtin’ in the celebrity game, Rising Stars Challenge, and Skills competition…

You didn’t think we’d leave off Breakfast Special MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, did you?

A Team Steph supercut:

This Donovan Mitchell dunk was better than anything he threw down in the dunk contest:

Jaylen Brown rocked the dunk in the Rising Stars game as well:

Oh, by the way, Brown had 35 points in the contest. He is, for real, that good.

In case you were wondering, Team LeBron was favored by three in the All-Star Game. Everyone in Vegas, go get your refund.

Oh, and I’d show highlights from the dunk contest, but it sucked. None of us need to see it again.

Normal service resumes later this week, but we’ll have our usual dose of Pacers Tuesday and Is He Any Good in their usual spot, and stay tuned Wednesday for the annual Breakfast Special Featuring Actual Breakfast, the one time a year where I indulge in a bit of food writing on a basketball site.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!