Breakfast Special: Milwaukee’s Best

Spring is here, suffering is here, life is Skittles and life is beer, and the Los Angeles Lakers got poisoned in the park like pigeons by the Milwaukee Bucks, 115-101.

It was the first time since 1982 that the Bucks swept the season series from the Lakers twice in a row, and those ’81 and ’82 Lakers teams had Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Last year, a not-yet-there Milwaukee team managed to grab both wins from the practically-G-League Lakers, and this year, the first game at Staples Center featured a Bucks road win.

The home rematch…well, the Bucks didn’t have Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Lakers didn’t have LeBron James. Yikes.

Oh, and Kyle Kuzma had 17 points on 4-of-17 shooting and posted a minus-27 in the loss. Double yikes.

Khris Middleton led the way for the Bucks with 30 points, Nikola Mirotic had 23, Brook Lopez went 5-of-11 from three (wait, he’s a center, right?) on his way to 28 points, and the Lakers just plain had no answer, going down in defeat for the second time in the same season, and not to take away from the Sixers and Celtics but it’s criminal that we never got to see that underrated Bucks team in the ’80s take on the Lakers in an NBA Finals.

Seriously…this guy is a center.

The Bonkers James Harden

James Harden has now scored 30 points or more against every NBA team this season, the first time a player has hung 30 on every opponent since the league expanded to 30 teams in 2004.

Harden had 31 points on 8-of-18 shooting and 11-of-12 from the line, went 4-of-11 from three to break Stephen Curry‘s record for most 3PA in a season (although Steph, being a far better three-point shooter, still leads Harden by a mile for makes), and led the Rockets to a 121-105 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Trae Young had 21 points and 12 assists on 6-of-13 shooting and John Collins had 20 points and 10 rebounds on 9-of-14. The Hawks are in good hands for the future.

They just ran face-first into a Rockets team that has overcome its early-season difficulties to emerge as a legitimate Finals threat.

But let’s put the spotlight on Clint Capela and his 26 points and 11 rebounds to go with a game-high plus-21:

Take the 3 Seed And Run With It

The Charlotte Hornets’ quest for a third-straight 36-46 season continues apace, as they dropped a 118-114 contest to Philadelphia at home to drop to 31-38 and effectively kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

Four 76ers players scored at least 22 points while only six Philly players scored at all.

The rundown: Ben Simmons (28, on 0-of-0 from three-point land), J.J. Redick (27 including seven three-pointers), Jimmy Butler (23), Tobias Harris (22), James Ennis III (14, the only points the Sixers scored off the bench), Amir Johnson (4).

Notably absent? Joel Embiid; the Hornets couldn’t beat a Sixers team lacking its monster in the middle.

Simmons was 11-of-12 on two-point shots, making him the man of the match:

Lightning Round!

Golden State got back on track in its quest to hold off the Denver Nuggets for the 1 seed out West, as they beat the Timberwolves in Minnesota 117-107.

Stephen Curry led the Dubs with 36 points on 8-of-14 from three-point land, Klay Thompson added 28, and the Warriors’ 19-of-42 from three was enough to power them past an overmatched Wolves squad.

Karl-Anthony Towns had 26 points and 21 rebounds for the doomed Wolves, and he’s following in Kevin Love‘s footsteps as a great player on a dumpster fire of a franchise. Maybe Giannis can talk him into coming to Milwaukee or something.

Steph reached 300 made threes on the season during this game, and he’s your man of the match as a result:

The Nets looked dead to rights in Sacramento, trailing the game 103-78 after three quarters.

Brooklyn won 123-121, winning the final frame 45-18.

The Nets ultimately erased a 28-point deficit in the space of 12 minutes before winning the game in the final minute on a Rondae Hollis-Jefferson layup.

D’Angelo Russell had 27 points…in just the fourth quarter alone, putting up 44 in total and leading his team to the comeback win:

And finally, the Pacers’ road woes continue as they dropped a 115-109 decision in Los Angeles to the Clippers.

Lou Williams had just 11 points off the bench for Los Angeles, but Montrezl Harrell stepped up with 20 and Danilo Gallinari led the starters with 24.

Meanwhile, in this battle of the NBA’s bench elite, Domantas Sabonis had 13 points and 16 rebounds for the Pacers.

You can pick any of the three guys from the Pacers and Clippers for Sixth Man of the Year and have a fine argument for all of them.

A couple of power forwards power the highlights:

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