Breakfast Special: Lonzo Ball Does More With Less

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once said of Magic Johnson that Magic could take three shots and still impact the game.

Considering Lonzo Ball led the Lakers at plus-24 despite shooting the ball only five times (making three), all while scoring eight points, grabbing six rebounds, dishing seven assists, and yanking six steals, maybe Kareem’s remarks should be updated to the Lakers’ scoring-deficient young rookie.

The scoring portion of the program was brought to you by Isaiah Thomas (29 points off the bench) and Julius Randle (25, on 8-of-13 and a stellar 9-of-9 from the line) as the Lakers pummeled the Heat in Miami 131-113.

Dwyane Wade had 25 for the Heat, but he did it while going minus-18 during his time out on the floor, playing nothing that could remotely be considered defense.

Combine all of the above with the Lakers shooting 59.5 percent as a team and 55 percent beyond the arc and that’s your ballgame in a nutshell.

Oh, speaking of Lonzo Ball and Magic Johnson…

New Look, Same Great Cleveland Cadavers Taste

LeBron James had 30 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists.

The rest of the Cavs…had bupkus.

So it went that the 76ers, behind a near-triple-double (18 points, nine rebounds, eight assists) from Ben Simmons and a solid defensive performance that held the Cavs to 41.4 percent shooting, beat Cleveland 108-97 at the Q on national television.

Watch the Sixers put the Cavs away down the stretch in this one:

Yes, the Nets Are That Bad

Holy crap, Brooklyn. You don’t even own your pick. What y’all tankin’ for?

A 116-111 overtime loss in Sacramento after failing to guard one of the worst players in the league, De’Aaron Fox, on the tying basket in regulation?

The Spencer Dinwiddie/D’Angelo Russell/Allen Crabbe pu pu platter was in its full can’t-shoot-for-beans glory once again, going a combined 15-of-44 (34.1 percent). They made 11 threes…in 31 tries (just 35.5 percent) and managed to go 4-of-13 (30.8) on twos. That’s bad. That’s real bad. That is I-can’t-get-my-head-around-how-bad-this-is bad.

And Sacramento, who hit 51.5 percent of their shots as a team and still almost lost this game despite winning the turnover battle 21-15 thanks to the sheer volume of three-point bombs Brooklyn dropped (46 of the Nets’ 96 attempts, making 17, against Sactown’s 6-of-14 three-point shooting total)…

While we’re on the subject, has anyone told Kings coach Dave Joerger that three-pointers are an essential part of this balanced NBA breakfast? Because Joerger’s Memphis teams never shot threes either; they were dead last in attempts his first year, 29th his second year, 25th his third (and 29th in percentage), while the Kings in his two years ranked 23rd and 29th in 3PA.

That’s a guy who simply should not be coaching an NBA team, full stop.

Highlights from a wild finish:

Dame Beats KAT

Damian Lillard had 35 points on 9-of-22 shooting and 13-of-16 from the line.

Karl-Anthony Towns had 34 on 11-of-19 and 11-of-12 and also added 17 rebounds.

The rest of the Timberwolves shot 40.9 percent.

The rest of the Trail Blazers shot 38.5 percent.

What an ugly, ugly game. But since Portland shot 27-of-35 from the free throw line and committed just eight turnovers, and Minnesota shot 19-of-21 and just 4-of-20 from three while committing 15 turnovers…

Well, do the math; the Blazers won 108-99.

What an ugly, ugly game of basketball. Just unwatchable.

But hey, Lillard’s your man of the match:

And Finally…

WHAT?! He’s Shaqtin’ a Fool!

Shout-out to the hilarious Mike Goldfarb, who had the tweet of the year yesterday:

And your weekly Shaqtin’ dose here at the Breakfast Special, shamelessly stolen from the great big and delicious repository of Embedded Twitter Land:

It’s Friday. There will be something about the wretched disaster show that is Russell Westbrook‘s shooting later today, because we really need to talk about it. And then there’s the weekend. So enjoy, and thanks for reading!