Breakfast Special: JR Smith is the WOAT.

J.R. Smith is the Worst of All Time.

LeBron James scored 51 points, grabbed eight rebounds, dished eight assists, and put up one of the greatest NBA Finals performance in the history of the sport. He singlehandedly pushed the Cleveland Cavaliers to a point where they could steal a game from the Golden State Warriors on the road.

Then the Warriors got overtime because George Hill choked at the free throw line and Smith dribbled the clock out because he thought the Cavs had won the game.

And Tyronn Lue stood on the sidelines and watched rather than call timeout to plan an endgame play as soon as he saw that Smith had A, grabbed the offensive rebound and B, not immediately put up what would have been a relatively easy layup even for him.

And as if the Basketball Gods themselves were enraged by such incompetence, Golden State dominated the overtime, outscored Cleveland 17-7, and won the game 124-114.

Smith goes down in Cleveland sports history. He’s on Mount Suckmore in Cleveland alongside Earnest Byner and Jose Mesa.

As for Hill? He’s probably just glad that nobody’s talking about his choking at the line with the game in the balance.

Making matters worse, Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson got into it with just 2.3 seconds left in OT and the game decided, as referee Tony Brothers impotently tried to maintain order before dishing out executions and a Flagrant 2 for Thompson that allowed the Warriors to score the last two points at the line.

And so one of the most thrilling games in the history of the NBA Finals lapsed into absurdity with a terrible ref and the worst supporting cast LeBron has ever dragged to the Finals.

Has a coach ever been fired immediately after the Finals when his team was one of the combatants? Because if the Cavs are going to keep LeBron in free agency this summer, you gotta figure Lue’s going to lose his head.

Meanwhile, how about that performance from LeBron? 19-of-32 from the field, 3-of-7 from three, 10-of-11 from the line, 48 of the 53 minutes played in the game…Jerry West is the only player ever to win Finals MVP in a losing cause, in 1969, but LeBron needs to be talked about as the man this year if he keeps this up.

On the other hand, Stephen Curry had 29 points in 46 minutes, Kevin Durant had 26 in 46, and Klay Thompson managed 24 in 45 despite looking like he’d had his leg cut off at the knee by Smith in the first quarter.

As a team, the Warriors shot 51.1 percent from the field, 95 percent from the line, 36.1 percent from three, turned the ball over only seven times, and won the assist battle 31-18.

The only thing the Cavs did better than the Dubs in this one was rebound the ball (53-38 overall and 19-4 in offensive boards.) Oh, and they did “have LeBron James” better.

The game made no sense. But we’re one step closer to Dubs in 5. All because J.R. Smith is the Worst of All Time.

Steph usurped the Man of the Match honors:

Draymond Green was an assist shy of a triple-double and had five steals:

Marvel at LeBron’s greatness…

Draymond’s reaction to a reporter’s question about JR Smith is everything this world can be:

Klay Thompson’s got the hot hand…

And…this happened. Keep doing you, JaVale McGee.

If the rest of the Finals is as exciting as Game 1, all is forgiven about the inevitability of Cavs-Dubs IV. It’s starting to look more like Rocky IV. Can LeBron pull off the ultimate upset and knockout? Or if I can change and you can change, JR Smith ain’t never gonna change.

And oh by the way, all of you new folks who came in thanks to my LeBron-Bird piece going viral on Facebook? Welcome aboard! Hope some of you decide to stick around, it’s fun around here.

So stay tuned and thanks for reading!