Breakfast Special: Is Stephen Curry a Choke Artist?

Image via Bob Evans Restaurants

Six times in the ultimate clutch situation, Stephen Curry has had a shot in the last 24 seconds of a playoff game that would have given Golden State the lead.

All six times, he’s missed.

Chris Paul is injured, a busted hamstring likely keeping him either out or in extremely limited minutes in two games the Warriors must win in order to survive and advance to their fourth straight NBA Finals.

And yet with Steph having disappeared down the stretch in Games 4 and 5 of this series and his memorable choke job that made Cleveland’s Game 7 win in the 2016 Finals possible, it stands to make one wonder…

Is Stephen Curry a choke artist?

And if so, what does it say about just how good the Warriors’ supporting cast has been that they won the 2015 Finals with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and the 2017 edition with those two plus Kevin Durant?

Although speaking of Durant, he disappeared as well, scoring zero points in the last six minutes of the Warriors’ 98-94 loss to the Rockets that now has Houston with a chance at a Game 7 at home if the Dubs hold their own serve in Game 6.

Two games ago, this series looked as good as over. Now it still does…but with the opposite team now “guaranteed” to win.

When they said this was the “real” Finals, they weren’t kidding.

Speaking of choking, Thompson hit a shot with 8:08 remaining to pull the Warriors ahead at 80-79. The “Big Three”—Thompson, Curry, and Durant—made one more field goal the entire rest of the game, a pullup jumper by Curry with 4:53 left. That was it.

The Warriors also turned the ball over 16 times, had just 18 assists on 32 makes in this game, sent Houston to the line for 32 free throw attempts (Houston made 27 to Golden State’s 20; the Warriors shot the ball 23 times from the line), and otherwise got dragged into trying to fight the Rockets on an equal footing at Houston’s isolation-loving defense.

The Rockets’ one-on-one on-ball defense is as good as all those teams that used it during the Dark Ages, and without effective passing and ball movement, these Dubs might as well be the 2002 Pistons.

Houston hit just 37.2 percent of their shots, 30.2 percent of their threes, and let the Warriors shoot 44.4 and 38.5.

But they don’t have Chris Paul for the last two games, not a healthy version of him.

What in the world is wrong with Draymond when he guards James Harden?

Eric Gordon‘s 24 off the bench show why he’s one of the best sixth men in the Association:

Speaking of great guard play, the big names played big:

But then again, Harden was 0-of-11 from three in this one. He was 5-of-21 overall but got bailed out by the refs to shoot 9-of-9 from the free throw line.

How many times is he supposed to stink out the joint before we question whether any sane person would give him an MVP vote?

Still rooting for a Cavs-Rockets Finals so LeBron can punk Harden and punk him hard.

Speaking of Cleveland, they have to win a Game 6 against a Celtics team that’s been awful on the road; highlights are on their way tomorrow, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!