Breakfast Special: Featuring Actual Breakfast!

Welcome to the annual Breakfast Edition of the Breakfast Special, where we, in the absence of actual NBA games, actually talk about food. It’s a long, hard wait these four days between the All-Star Game and the resumption of hostilities between NBA teams come Thursday, isn’t it?

Omelette Du Fromage

Yes, Frenchies, I know you say it “omelette au fromage”, but that ruins le reference, non?

I ran across this neat little video that teaches you the right way to make a French omelette:

Note that a French omelette is nothing fancy. It’s not even “au fromage.” It’s a plate of scrambled eggs.

Maybe you prefer dashimaki tamago, aka a Japanese omelette? Tamago on rice is an excellent sushi choice, so why not?

Or, if good old-fashioned scrambled eggs are more your speed, you can get your scrambled eggs from Alton Brown:

Save The Frit-Tatas

But if you really want to take an omelette up to eleven, stop thinking like the French and start thinking like the other European country that sucks at modern warfare, namely the country that won the Allies World War II despite being a member of the Axis; they bogged down the Germans so the Wehrmacht couldn’t do everything it wanted elsewhere in Europe.

Of course I’m talking about Italy. And their perfection of the egg dish, the delicious frittata, is excellent for breakfast:

And Now For Something Completely Meaty

Want to learn a new way to cook bacon in less time than it takes a pair of NBA shot clocks to run down?

Water. Mind: Blown. But the science is sound. Still wouldn’t cook it naked though. It only sounds sexy in theory.

Oh, You Poor British Bastards

Here in the United States, where Pace and Space is published out of a little home office in the suburbs of Seattle, something labeled as “sausage” must contain at least 85 percent meat (9 CFR 319.145 governs Italian sausage in particular). We Americans expect meat in our sausage, not fillers, by-products, or anything else we would feed to our dogs and sometimes not even then.

The Brits? Their sausages can contain as little as 32 percent meat. Seriously, Britain, what on earth is wrong with you lot? That’s bloody daft!

Seriously, Brits. Come to America. Taste a few of our delicious sausages. Then take the recipes back across the pond with you and get to cooking. It’s a national embarrassment for your country.

Steak Your Claim

Here’s Gordon Ramsay with some advice for how to make the perfect steak, because steak and eggs still makes a wonderful breakfast:

Le Toast

French toast is the finest of the breakfast breads, exceeding its pancake and waffle cousins in capacity for flavor and, critically, ability to absorb a maple syrup that looks like used motor oil and tastes like Canada.

And nobody does French toast like Alton Brown:

And Finally…

This is a basketball site…so here’s the Greek Freak winning the dunk contest without participating in the dunk contest:

Coming tomorrow, we’ve got this week’s Is He Any Good in its usual location, and normal service resumes Friday with highlights and analysis.

Happy breakfasting, and thanks for reading!