Breakfast Special: Celtics 1, LeBron James 0

OK, Cleveland, everybody panic, the series is over, the Celtics punked LeBron James so hard that 15 years of his legacy are all wiped off the board and he’s now worse than Smush Parker on the all-time list.

Or, y’know, let’s try and keep this in perspective as the Boston Celtics won Game 1 at home, doing what they were supposed to do in a seven-game series while simultaneously casting just the first die in a dance that LeBron’s been doing for seven straight and nearly an eighth straight Finals appearance.

LeBron himself even said that Game 1’s about feeling out an opponent, getting a sense of their tendencies, learning what the enemy’s going to do, then coming back in later games and using that knowledge against them, because LeBron is a student of the game and we should know this after 15 years.

But man, what a straight-up butt-kicking. 108-83. Wow.

Plus, the Celtics have done such an amazing job developing their young talent that Brad Stevens just became the best coach in the history of the sport who didn’t get a single vote in the Coach of the Year voting.

Jayson Tatum had 16 points on 6-of-11 shooting and a plus-27 plus/minus on the floor.

Jaylen Brown went 9-of-16, hit 3-of-5 from three-point land, and added 23 points.

Marcus Morris and Al Horford completed the Triple 20 with 21 and 20 points, respectively, on 7-of-12 and 8-of-10 from the field.

Throw in Terry Rozier‘s 4-of-10 performance, which wasn’t great but came with an 8-point, 8-assist, 6-rebound, plus-14 all-around game in 34 minutes, and what you’ve got is a starting lineup that posted a 34-of-59 (57.6 percent) shooting night from the field, 10-of-21 (47.6 percent) from three, and 10-of-12 (83.3 percent) from the line.

The bench? 9-of-25 (36 percent) FG, 1-of-9 (11.1 percent) 3PT, and just one free throw attempt, a make by Semi Ojeleye, who was otherwise 1-of-4 from the field and 0-of-3 from long range.

Meanwhile, the Cavs starters were hot garbage, led by LeBron’s 5-of-16 (31.3 percent) shooting and 16-of-49 (32.7 percent) shooting overall from the starting five.

Cleveland as a team shot 36 percent from the field, made just four three-pointers on 26 attempts (15.4 percent), and saw LeBron score just 15 points.

On the bright side, the Cavs took good care of the ball (nine turnovers, same as Boston, and just two from players other than LeBron, who coughed it up seven times) and outshot the Celtics at the free throw line (17-of-20, an 85 percent clip featuring six more makes and seven more tries.)

But this game was over almost from the opening tip.

Cleveland built a 7-4 lead early; Boston then scored 17 in a row on their way to a 25-2 run that made it a 20-point game in the first quarter.

It was 26 at halftime. The Cavs played a strong third quarter, narrowing the gap to just 14 at the final break, but Boston ran off an 18-4 run to start the fourth, pull back up by 28, and put the game on ice.

About the only thing the Celtics didn’t do was push the lead to 30; their highest margin was 29, a 101-72 advantage with five minutes left.

But it’s one game. A game the home team won. Ask Pacers fans what blowing out the Cavs in Game 1 buys you…and that was on the road.

But how about the rookie coming up big in the conference finals?

Keep treating Al Horford like an afterthought:

Jaylen Brown comes up huge:

And oh by the way, the last time the Celtics started a playoff run 8-0 at home?

They won the title. The 2008 team was similarly unstoppable on their own floor. Game 2 is Tuesday. It’s going to be epic.

Meanwhile, the Warriors and Rockets throw down tonight, and we’ll have a full recap and highlights tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading!