Breakfast Special: Boogie Cousins 44, Jason Kidd 0

C’mon, DeMarcus Cousins. There ought to be an NBA rule; if I can’t do something with a player in NBA 2K18, he’s got no business doing it in real life.

And 44 points, 24 rebounds, and 10 assists? No way. That is a 2K impossibility.

Let’s just stop to consider that nobody had done a 40/20/10 in my lifetime…

…and then consider that Cousins and Anthony Davis combined for 78 points in a double-overtime 132-128 win for the Pelicans over the Chicago Bulls.

Consider also that the Pelicans came back from 17 points with 5:06 left in regulation, and they did it despite getting a hot, steaming pile of nothing from anyone other than their two stars. The rest of the team shot 20-of-61 (32.7 percent) from the field.

How about Cousins, though?

The Demise of Mediocrity In Milwaukee

The Bucks were one of the most underachieving teams in basketball the past couple of years, wasting the youth of Giannis Antetokounmpo on Jason Kidd‘s terrible coaching.

Well, Kidd’s out…and the Bucks are 1-0 without him after winning 109-105 at home over Phoenix.

Now word is that Antetokounmpo tried his best to save his coach’s job, as the Greek Freak is loyal as a puppy, but let’s face it…Milwaukee wasn’t going to be able to build this team with Kidd coaching. Bring on David Fizdale, and take that for data!

Giannis was a DNP in this one with minor knee problems, but it didn’t matter; the Bucks hit 53.5 percent of their shots, including 61.1 percent on two-pointers while shooting 28-of-37 from the line.

Khris Middleton had 35 and Malcolm Brogdon added 32 for Milwaukee, and the team also forced 22 Phoenix turnovers to ensure the win.

The 30-point tandem get joint man of the match honors:

Go Crazy, Andrew Wiggins

Here at Pace and Space, the word on the editorial street is that Andrew Wiggins is the most overrated player in the league, a guy with atrocious advanced stats who only puts up big numbers because he plays a ton of minutes and takes a ton of shots.

Well, the data can get stuffed tonight. Wiggins went for 40, combining with Jeff Teague, who had 30 points, to provide the NBA with three pairs of teammates hitting 30 in the same game.

As if that weren’t bizarre enough in Minnesota’s 126-118 win at Staples Center over the Clippers (making the Wolves the only one of nine road teams Monday to get a win), the Wolves had 13 bench points. LA had two bench guys (Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams) with at least 13, as they went for 23 and 20 to give an unorthodox Triple 20 along with Blake Griffin‘s 32.

LA shot 56 percent from the field and still lost, thanks mainly to the referees; Minnesota shot 39 free throws, making 33.

In other words, this was a wacky, wild, Kool-Aid Style game.

The man of the match:

And how about some game highlights?

Lightning Round!

Willie Cauley-Stein had a double-double, but scoring 11 points and grabbing 10 rebounds is a lot less impressive when you shoot 5-of-20.

Kemba Walker had 26 points and Dwight Howard came up with six blocks in Charlotte’s 112-107 win. The NotCats are 19-26, four back of Philly for the final playoff spot…and they’ve scored as many points as they’ve allowed. They project as 41-41 and might just have a winning streak and a playoff run left in them:

Atlanta is tanking wrong. They made all 12 of their free throws, 46.2 percent of their threes, and held Utah to 4-of-15 on threes in a 104-90 win. That is not how you tank.

Dennis Schroder led the way with 20, but since the Hawks don’t want to kiss the writer with good highlights on Twitter, let’s just have this Kiss Cam from last week instead.

Your Breakfast Special columnist is like the girl in that last clip, Atlanta.

Just when you think the Sixers are actually good, they go to Memphis and lose 105-101 to the wretched Grizzlies, getting outscored 31-18 in the fourth quarter to choke away a game they were winning by double digits. Philly committed 24 turnovers in this one against just 12 for the Grizz.

Marc Gasol had 19 points, while Tyreke Evans scored 18 and added eight assists:

The Rockets are unbeatable when they have James Harden, Chris Paul, and Clint Capela all healthy, and the 99-90 win they hung on Miami Monday night at home speaks to the power of that combo.

Harden led the way with 26 points, as Miami just couldn’t keep up from three, hitting just 7-of-30 against 15-of-37 for the Rockets:

When the Wizards are bad, they’re scary bad, and they dropped a 98-75 horror show in Dallas.

Bradley Beal and John Wall combined to shoot just 8-of-29 from the field, Washington shot 26-of-85 (30.6 percent) overall, and making matters even worse, they hit just 59.3 percent from the line.

Meanwhile, Harrison Barnes led the Mavs with 20 points:

Jamal Murray went nuts for 38 points, overcoming both Damian Lillard‘s 25 and his own team’s incompetence (the rest of the Nuggets shot 31,3 percent) to power Denver to the 104-101 win over the Blazers:

We’ve got Pacers talk later today, in which the team being under threat of becoming victims of their own success this season gets into the spotlight. Stay tuned for that, and thanks for reading!