Breakfast Special: Bogdanovic Vs. Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic put up one of the weirdest stat lines in NBA history in Indiana’s 106-103 win over the Sacramento Kings Thursday night.

Bogey had 25 points…and nothing else. Zero rebounds. Zero assists. Zero steals. Zero blocks. He had a turnover and a foul, but 25 points in isolation from any other basketball activities? That’s the sixth-highest point total in such a situation of all-time according to Basketball Reference; Allan Houston scored 37 points with no other counting stats in 2000, and Reggie Miller set the Pacers record for this statistical anomaly with 34 points and nothing else in 1999.

Michael Redd holds an even weirder record; he scored 29 points, had no other counting stats, and committed neither a turnover nor a foul. Just straight box score zeroes across the board. Redd didn’t even shoot a free throw. He made a two-point shot; he was otherwise 9-of-13 from three. That was it.

Oh, and Redd did it in just 20 minutes played off the bench.

Back to the contest at hand, The Other Bogdanovic, as in Bogdan Bogdanovic, scored 21 points, and he added three rebounds, four assists, and a steal while posting a plus-2 plus/minus, one of just four Sacramento players to post a positive margin on the floor.

The Pacers shot 50 percent from the field, 90 percent from the line, and dominated the turnover battle 18-10, which negated a 53.8 percent shooting night for the Kings.


Choke-lahoma City

Russell Westbrook was flat-out atrocious in the Thunder’s 103-99 loss to the Spurs. He shot 7-of-19 from the field, missed all four of his three-pointers, hit just 5-of-8 from the line, turned the ball over seven times, and just generally stunk out the joint.

If you give someone enough shots, they will score points. It doesn’t mean they played well.

Meanwhile, the Spurs shot a pretty lousy 42.1 percent themselves, including just 9-of-19 from LaMarcus Aldridge, who nonetheless led them with 25 points. San Antonio won this game at the free throw line, hitting 22-of-30 against the Thunder’s 14-of-21. Eight more makes on nine more tries.

The Spurs also got a little boost beyond the arc, hitting 13-of-31 to the Thunder’s 11-of-30. Two more makes, one more try.

You see the little efficiencies? Those decided the game.

Aldridge is the man of the match. If you hate midrange jumpers, avert your eyes:

Detroit Basketball, A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Let’s just lump the other three games into one go here, since the implications purely affected the winners.

Detroit beat Washington 103-92, running their record to 35-40, still mathematically alive, and denying the Wizards a chance to clinch a playoff berth in sixth place (the Wiz are 41-34 and would have to lose out and have Detroit win out in order to drop behind them.)

Andre Drummond had one of those Drummond Games he puts up from time to time; 24 points and 23 rebounds to go with a team-high plus-19 plus/minus.

Downside? Milwaukee, the team Detroit’s got the best chance of catching, just refused to die. Milwaukee became the latest team to go into Oakland and beat the Santa Cruz Warriors, the Bucks doing so by a 116-107 count.

The Bucks are now 40-35; their magic number is three.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was 14-of-18 from the field as he appeared on 48 Minutes rather than 60 Minutes. The Greek Freak scored 32 points in total.

The Bucks shot 55.2 percent from the field, 55 percent from three, and 90 percent from the line. There was just no stopping them, not with a Warriors team down a backcourt; Kevin Durant and Draymond Green played, but Durant got himself ejected, his career in Golden State having turned his previously easygoing personality into a more volatile Rasheed Wallace.

But the day belonged to Giannis:

The Heat, meanwhile, hosted Chicago…and wrecked them. The 103-92 win put Miami at 41-35, just a magic number of two away from clinching.

Josh Richardson led the Heat with 22, and the Bulls obliged their hosts by shooting 36.7 percent from the field and just 23.1 percent (6-of-26) from long range.

The sun is setting on the Pistons’ season. They’re not mathematically dead, but the window is closing fast to salvage hope.


And Finally…

It’s Friday, and that means some unfortunate players got caught Shaqtin’ a Fool…

Enjoy the Ostara weekend, mouseketeers, and we’ll have a feast worthy of the gods today with Is He Any Good and a piece about the imminent demise of college basketball, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!