Breakfast Special: 16 Threes Does Not a Barrage Make, Toronto

The Toronto Raptors beat the Sacramento Kings 120-105 in a dollar-store game where the Raps didn’t have Kawhi Leonard and the Kings didn’t have De’Aaron Fox.

Toronto also crowed that they had a “3-point barrage tonight.” They hit 16-of-40.

Now, is it really a “barrage” if you hit two more triples as a team than Klay Thompson hit in a game by himself earlier this year?

Come back when you make 20 in a game and we’ll talk about a barrage. This was a salvo. Maybe a burst. But not a barrage.

Jokes and semantics aside, the Raptors benefited from the Kings’ offense proving exceptionally triple-averse; Sacramento hit just 7-of-21 from out there and did not shoot well enough from two-point range (just 48.6 percent on 34-of-70) to overcome that archaic shot chart.

Six Raptors scored in double figures, led by 19 each from Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet, while Delon Wright came off the bench, added nine points, and posted a game-best plus-24.

VanVleet and Lowry shared the scoring honors, so they share the highlight honors:

Doc Rivers‘ Awful Roster Decision

HERO OF SERBIA Boban Marjanovic: DNP-CD, the only Clippers player to suffer such indignity.

Clippers: A 106-98 loss at Dallas.

You deserved it, Doc.

Luka Doncic had 17 points on 5-of-15 for the Mavs, another one of those games that will goose his counting stats and kill his efficiency. He’s had a few of those this year.

DeAndre Jordan had 13 points and 16 rebounds (where was Boban to keep DAJ off the rims? That’s what I thought), and Harrison Barnes led the Mavs in scoring with 20 points.

All told, a Dallas home game for a squad that is 17-6 at home and 4-20 on the road. It went like you’d expect.

And in a game where nobody was truly dominant, how about some team highlights instead? Roll ’em, Mavs social-media Twitter maven:

As You Do In Oklahoma City

Russell Westbrook gets triple-doubles these days and they’re not even news.

Westbrook scored 29 on 9-of-20 shooting, pulled down ten rebounds, and dished 14 assists, and he was only the fourth-leading scorer on the floor in the Thunder’s 123-114 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Paul George led all scorers with 36, while over on the Blazer side, Damian Lillard had 34 and CJ McCollum had 31.

Which is to say the game was a ton of fun for fans of both sides, albeit with a result more to the liking of the home team.

Westbrook was good…

…but PG13 is your man of the match:

See, Listening to Me Pays Off

I dragged the Timberwolves for only winning by two at home against the lowly Suns the other day.

Well, on a home-and-home, Minnesota went to Phoenix and pounded the Suns like a cheap steak in the rematch, winning 118-91.

Karl-Anthony Towns had 25. Josh Okogie had 21. Andrew Wiggins had 17.

And Derrick Rose, who is not an All-Star, had six points on 3-of-9 because he tends to stink when he starts, preferring instead to feast on enemy reserves.

A gigantic rebounding advantage (64-34, including 20-5 on offensive boards) led to a huge disparity in field goal attempts (103-87) and makes (45-37), and when you throw in a 15-7 three-point make advantage, that’s your ballgame. The Wolves shot 35.7 percent (15-of-42) while the Suns shot just 20.6 percent (7-of-34) from long range.

Put it all together, stir in KAT and his game-high 18 rebounds, and what you’ve got is a man of the match recipe that rose like a souffle in the oven that is Arizona.

Highlights? Yeah, we’ve got those too.

Coming quick like bunny: Pacers “Tuesday” (yeah, it’s a day late. You’ll see why when it runs, plus I had a nuclear weapons-grade migraine yesterday.)

Coming later like tortoise but still today: A discussion about the dearth of good defensive metrics for the analytic-minded basketball writer (in which I assume Zach Lowe knows more about basketball than I do and talk about Klay Thompson.)

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!